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Influencer Marketing is not just about PR and driving brand awareness through creative posts. It is about driving ROI through data. We are here to change how brands and influencers view this style of marketing. Influencer Marketing can bring your brand powerful results when a solid strategy is in place, influencers know their value proposition and brands know what they’re paying for. We remove the guessing game, and make the process black and white, allowing our clients to focus on their genius zone instead of guessing which influencer will perform best.

Through our campaigns we aim to return 3-6 ROAS for every dollar spent with us.

Alejandra Calvente

Hi, IAM Alejandra Calvente, Co-founder of the IAM Agency.

With over 8 years of experience across traditional digital media planning and buying, social media and influencer marketing, I bring creative solutions grounded in strategic thinking to all of my clients. The work I produce displays my charismatic personality and zest for life. My varied interests, including fashion, food, culture, travel, spirituality and health inspire my content and fuel my creativity. I am dedicated to taking brands to the next level with my expertise and innovative thinking, promising to deliver you great results with unparalleled client service.

Let’s connect! @Alejandra.Calvente

Mariana Parnes

As a Co-founder of IAM Agency Mariana’s focus is growth and strategy. She’s obsessed with the big picture and does whatever it takes to achieve the agency’s and our client’s goals. Mariana is funny, high energy and a solution seeker. 2 years ago she left her corporate job to join forces with Alejandra and make IAM Agency a household name for influencer marketing and social media strategy/growth. Mariana has 10 years of experience in the influencer marketing industry running campaigns, executing white label products, and collaborations between big box retailers and your favorite influencers all over the world. Some of her most successful work was done in collaboration with Target, C&A, GAP, Old Navy, among many more.

Mariana’s goal is to level-up and reshape the influencer marketing industry beyond PR and bring the $ by quantifying and tracking the ROI between the influencer and brand. We want to empower brands to make the right financial decision when choosing the right talent to represent their brand and we want the influencer to know their actual value beyond a paid campaign. Mariana’s dreams are (1)  support influencers to create their dream of having their own product line outside of their social networks. (2) Make influencer marketing 100% trackable allowing brands to make educated decisions and understand the influencer’s value. Working with Mariana it is a guarantee that your project will be executed with success and data will be behind every decision made.

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