Influencer Marketing ROI is our DNA. We are obsessed with making our clients’ influencer campaign lucrative and easy to track.

Increase in Sales

Social Media Growth

Bomb Content

Brand Awareness

IAM is for you if…

  1. If you are looking to identify the right performing influencers for your brand
  2. If you want to remove the guesswork from your Influencer Marketing ROI
  3. If you want data transparency
  4. If you want to save time and money by having experts streamline influencer efforts towards your brand’s goals
  5. If you are new to Influencer Marketing

IAM is here to make influencer marketing black and white. We allow our clients to focus on their genius zone instead of spending tireless hours guessing which influencers will perform without previous sales conversion history data.

Mic drop statements

Our clients are averaging ROAS of 3 to 6 figures in sales conversion per influencer when launching a campaign with us

What we do

Influencer marketing is our passion! We’re goal-getters, and our client’s ROI is our priority. We offer 4 types of services under the Influencer Marketing services:


Heavily focused on sales conversion
Quality content focused


Custom project for brands that want to build a commission based campaign


If you want to partner with a rockstar influencer to represent your brand, this customized campaign is the ultimate endorsement


Through IAM The Label we partner with Influencer entrepreneurs to create their dream product brand from idea to execution


“Working with the I AM agency has been a great experience. They are on it. Between Mariana & Ale they cover all bases and make a good team. They communicate with their clients clearly and effectively and always leave all t’s crossed and i’s dotted. They have presented many great opportunities to me to work with brands and I love how they get to know their clients on a personal level. I love working with them and appreciate their effectiveness A LOT.”

– RaqC, Host/ producer/ entrepreneur

“I highly recommend working with The IAM Agency! Alejandra and Mariana have helped me so much in building my brand and digital content portfolio. I now have repeat clients and referrals. They make a great team!”

– Raquel Mastrangelo

“We have been working with Ale and Mariana the last two years and our experience has been nothing but great. Both ladies know the marketing and influencer industry very well and it shows. They have really helped grow our brand with their proven expertise and professionalism.”

– Blyssey Ballo (7E Wellness)

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